Webley Venom Viper
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Webley Venom Viper .177

Webley Venom Viper .177 single shot walnut stock shrouded barrel

I must note that, in my opinion, the feel/weight/balance/etc. of the walnut stock is superior to the beech stock version.

6 lbs 4 oz sans scope. Light, points well.  Contrary to published numbers, my tape measure says it is 38.25" long.  Factory power and trigger were unacceptable; power was too high (launching mid weight pellets at over 960 fps) yielding not enough useable shots per fill and a bit too much noise, for my tastes, also the 2-stage trigger was heavy and creepy. I removed the FAC spacer and lowered the power to get approximately 40 shots per fill of 210 BAR, at around 900 fps / 15.5 fpe, with mid-weight pellets; I also lightened and tweaked the trigger to break around 1.5 LBS.  This made it into a much quieter and better backyard/plinker/pest rifle.

Recently, I turned the power down further. It is now shooting mid-weight pellets around 800 fps / 12 fpe.  It is even quieter. I get a lot of really good shots per fill of 200 BAR.  It still has plenty of power for plinking and pest control duties.

Interestingly, all of the 820+ fps shots were pellets with deformed skirts. Still, this chart is a 90-shot string on a single fill without sorting or weighing pellets.

After owning and shooting this rifle for an significant period of time, I believe, at least in .177, this rifle is at it's best in a 12 fpe configuration.  The point blank range is only a little shorter than a 15.5 fpe configuration and it yields roughly  twice the number of shots per fill, and that is at a lower fill pressure.  While the numbers may sound boring, it is addictingly fun.

I must note that I have experienced multiple failures with this rifle: each time, the valve stem broke. The valve stem has a groove, which an "o" ring fits in, that is where it broke - each time.  Fortunately, this is an easy rifle to work on / repair.  Unfortunately, I now consider this a design flaw in this otherwise wonderful rifle.